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All kitted up but no one to play

LANZAROTE   ?   V   S.D. TENISCA   ?  13th October 2012

What a strange turn of events. U.D. Lanzarote has no idea why the La Palma side never turned up for the match which had been brought forward at their request to Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

How disappointing for the many local and expat fans, with no Premiership or La Liga matches on due to International week a good crowd was forecast for the late afternoon clash.

S.D. Tenisca contacted Lanzarote late Friday morning explaining that the flight from Tenerife to Lanzarote had been cancelled by Islas Airways. After receiving a phone by our club secretary explaining to me that it was out of the visiting team’s hands therefore the match would probably have to be rescheduled to a later date this seemed to be the only fair option.

Later the next day the flight from La Palma to Tenerife flew on schedule and the connecting flight to Lanzarote arrived on time with 16 passengers none of whom were carrying boots.

The club received a certificate from Islas Airways stating that the flight arrived on time so Lanzarote had no alternative but to turn up for the match knowing that Tenisca were not on the island.

Adolfo Pérez´s men turned up in full kit and trained for a while and were all present at the 4pm kick off. The officials received Lanzarote´s team sheet and stayed the required 30 minutes then called off the match.

What happens now? The Rojillos and the Spanish football federation are still waiting for a reason why the visitors did not travel. I believe there are a possible two outcomes. Firstly, the La Palma side have a good explanation and the match will be played at a further date or secondly, Lanzarote are awarded the three points and a 3-0 win.

Whilst the second outcome is obviously more favourable U.D. Lanzarote´s players, president and fans would have much rather played the match and are bitterly disappointed.

Many thanks to this websites creator and ex Lanzarote player Ian Robinson. As Friday was a public holiday I was spending the night with my family in a hotel in Playa Blanca. We did not remember the password to the website so contacted Ian. He immediately put on the home page that the match was cancelled which prevented many fans turning up only to be disappointed.

Before heading to a Lanzarote match please check on Facebook, Lanzarote football club as I can always immediately have access to this. To those fans who turned up to the match and whom I chatted to, watched the Rojillos go through a training session and then gradually made their way back.