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30th December 2013

Firstly I must apologise not writing an article about last week’s match, but a goalless draw in Tenerife against mid table side UD Ibarra didn’t seem worthy to report over the busy Christmas period.

In hindsight last week’s match would have had some favourable phrases such as; a good point away from home, keeping a clean sheet, rather than the phrases I am about to come out with.

It was not ideal football conditions with a swirling wind, though the fan turnout was good with a huge foreign contingent who love their footy over the festive season.

As it turned out the Rojillos festive mood ended after this miserable 90 minutes. The only player on the park who could hold his head high coming off the pitch was Brit Louis Kennedy. The 20 year old sparkled in the first half but with the lack of support the fuse died later in the second period.

The Tenerife side began the game putting pressure on the Lanzarote back four but as the half continued Lanzarote were equal with possession though they had created no opportunities. Going into the break with the scores even we normally see a better display in the second period.

Jotha the Lanzarote captain was missing through injury and the Rojillos desperately missed his experience and more importantly his attitude. The passing was bad, the desire wasn’t there, and everything just looked stale including the vibe on the bench with Rojillos manager Adolfo Pérez looking bemused at what was going on.

The team and bench should have stopped for one moment to look at the crowd basking in the mid day sun. Against the railings they would have seen their most ardent fan 72 year old Antonio. Everyone in the stadium could see his passion, from the first whistle he was verbally fighting for every ball, challenging every decision against his side from the officials and putting his heart and soul into the club he loves.

Even with the introduction of Toñito in the second half the Rojillos could not rally. He was not given the ball and when it did come his way his teammates were not on the same wavelength as the tricky winger.

Front man Rosmen was the Rojillos top scorer last season but he looked a shadow of himself, losing possession and creating absolutely nothing. It is shocking that he remained on the pitch the full 90 minutes.

In the 78th minute a well worked short corner from the visitors ended up with midfielder Joseph firing home to give his side a deserved 0-1 lead.

Instead of a fight back the Rojillo heads dropped. Manager Adolfo Pérez looked to his bench and brought on youngster Nani. In similar circumstances last season Brit Ryan Macphee was called on to give a hand and on many occasions his fighting spirit and the odd goal brought life back into the team. Ryan didn’t even make the bench as I saw him in the stands itching to play his part but instead demoralized sitting with his injured captain Jotha watching this calamity.

A couple of minutes before  full time centre back Fran Gil got caught in two minds, slipped on the ball and handed a belated Christmas present to his opponent Gerardo. Clean through and the striker made no mistake in cementing his sides win beating keeper Airidani to make the final score 0-2.

After the match I spoke to Jotha and he said there will be none of that rubbish next Sunday when Lanzarote again play at home versus relegation threatened UD Realejos on Sunday 5th Jan at 12 noon in Tias.

The Rojillos go into the New Year in 12th spot, nine points from the play offs and also nine points from relegation. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


0-1   min 78 Joseph

0-2   min 88 Gerardo