Lanzarote´s next home game has been confirmed for SUNDAY 24th March at 12 noon versus UD Las Palmas C (Gran Canaria 7th)

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CD Marino 2 UD Lanzarote 1

20th October 2013

The first part of the match was dominated by the CD Marino, who was unable to convert several attempts on goal. In the final stages of the first half UD Lanzarote took the lead with David Machin whose starting attacking move to Iacchus who only had to push the ball into the back of the net. This lead nearly being short lived had it not been for the referee who disallowed the goal from Eslava.

At the start of the second half the game just did not go UD Lanzarote way. Within three minutes of play the referee expelled Raul. Both players took in the fight for the ball and the referee interpreted that Raul had pulled an elbow, an action that did not occur at any time. Minutes later, he was red carded along with two members of the UD Lanzarote coaching staff.

Now down to 10 men it was not surprising that within a blink of an eye CD Marino were equal with a goal from Aaron Daarias. Now drawing level at 1-1 with 35 minutes remaining it was always going to be hard going. The Guys held on until 78 minutes with a goal coming from Murci. UD Lanzarote protested that Murci was offside but the referee was not having it and the goal stood.

UD Lanzarote fought bravely without success to regain something from the game with Rosmen having several attempts in the final stretch only to have the referee whistle for a foul against the defender that did not exist.

The game reached the final whistle with the score of 2-1 and a very unhappy UD Lanzarote squad in respect of the quality of the refereeing. This now leaves the Rojillos in 7th place in the league on 14 points.

CD Marino (2): Alberto, Aaron Darias, Roberto Carlos, Eslava, Pablo Barroso, Laminé (Ricard 73), Jorge Pulido, Airam Garcia, Murci, Nabil (Aaron De Witte 81), Josito Padilla (Luis Sierre 85)

UD Lanzarote (1): Agoney, Angel Gil, Oscar Aguiar (Juanca 86), Adrian Martin, Fran Gil, Jotha, David Machin (Phallus Gil 57), Raul, Rosmen, Marcos Cabrera (Taja 75) and Iacchus.


0-1: 45 minute, Iacchus 1-1: 55 minutes, Aaron Darias 2-1: 78 minutes Murci