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AQUADREAMS with Mark and Tania Hayes, 30th November 2016, 

A huge thanks to Mark and Tania for sponsoring UD Lanzarote with a full page advert in our first ever club annual 2016/17.

I have known Mark (Haysie) since arriving on the island 23 years ago and we have been friends from almost day one. A lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan Haysie only began his football career at the age of 30 for the Puerto Del Carmen veteran’s team. His glittering career spanned for 10 years helping his club win the veterans premier league for the first time.


Showroom is alongside Deiland shopping centre in Playa Honda.

I was fortunate enough to be his teammate and whilst Haysie will openly admit that he does not possess a deft touch or the ability to ping a 40 yard pass he did spend six months in Thailand in a kickboxing academy and this is where his attributes on a football field sparkled.

The locals weren’t quite accustomed to the British style of play 20 years ago and when Haysie come along he took the British style of play to another dimension. We played on Monday nights at 9pm but after discussing tactics after the match in the Tapas bar across from the stadium it was the normal to return home in the late hours of the morning. His dedication to the team knew no bounds. What a great time we had which will never be forgotten.

Mark and Tania have three boys and have been the owners of Aquadreams for 15 years. Their showroom is situated in Playa Honda seen from the main road on the right coming from the airport just past Deiland shopping centre. Easy to see from the main road. Their website is www.aquadreams.eu and contact mark@aquadreams.eu

During their years in business they have earned a wonderful reputation with their integrity and standard of work which is hugely important living on a small island. Many people come and go but Mark and Tania´s roots are firmly embedded in Lanzarote.

Aquadreams are heating specialists for swimming pools and supply everything needed for your pool whether it be pumps, covers, leak repairs and chemicals. Naturally they also supply pools and have a huge choice of Jacuzzis in their showroom.


Mark (right) with Aquadreams pool and spa technician Mitch.

They also supply Solar systems for general water heating and have fun items for your terrace such as outdoor or indoor table tennis tables and what I have my eye on is their top quality pool tables. This is not only fun for you but will help a privately rented villa obtain the premium price and will definitely help with return bookings.

I must be able to get a good discount on the plugging I am doing for Haysie here.

Cheers Haysie and the gorgeous Tania.

Viva Sarote!